Frequently Asked Questions

How many contacts can I sign up with?

You can sign up with as many as you want and add to your contact list over time, but you'll need at least 2 to begin with.

Where can my contacts be located?

Users and contacts must have Australian mobile phone numbers. International phone numbers are not yet enabled.

When I send a call request, how do you notify my contacts?

We send them a text using the phone number you provided.

How many contacts get notified each time I send a request?

We notify up to 4 of your contacts at a time. If you sign up more than 4 contacts, we cycle through your contact list.

This would be helpful for me, how do I sign up?

A sign up link is provided below. This is a beta version, and is completely free to use.

My friend signed me up for this but I'm not keen. How do I opt out?

The link to opt out is below.